Royston Skippers

Royston was born with a passion for music as his father was a musician. He is a self-taught guitarist and his musical tastes include Latin, Salsa, Jazz, Pop, R&B and local Cape Jazz. He has many musical influences and is not restricted to his instrument only. His vocal ability has brought joy to many a lonely soul in the audiences he entertained. He is an easy-going person and gets on well with people and loves to explore new territories in life and music.


He started playing in a gospel band called Soul Seekers in 1976 and with a group called Forgiven for a brief period. He then was part of the band Choice, followed by playing in the band New birth for a few months - all this for roughly fifteen years in total. He then joined up with a duo to form the band Flipside until 1997, doing corporate functions and club gigs, after which he went solo. He has been performing, mostly as a soloist or duo, in pubs and restaurants around Cape Town at venues such as Cock n’tail, Vacca Matta, the Purple Onion and Mambo’s.


He performed at the V&A Amphitheatre in the Waterfront with most of Cape Town’s music greats on stage in September 2005 for the Mercy Ships music festival. He received an offer to go to Dubai in October of 2005 and spent three months there at the le Royal Meridian with the Alternative band. He played at the President Hotel as part of a trio for two and a half years. Thereafter he played at The River Club for three years and still does the occasional function there as well. He has provided entertainment at The Willow Bridge Mall during December 2008 (3 days per week) and December 2009 – January 2010. He has also provided entertainment at functions at both The Radisson and the Twelve Apostles Hotel during 2009.

He has collaborated with artists like Allou April and many other local artists. He has been involved in the administrative part of artists like the late Robbie Jansen and Allou April for approximately five years. He also performed with both of them and played at Inside Lounge doing sundowners.

He played at Sheffs vegetarian restaurant from February to May 2012 for a minimum of three nights a week and Monday to Friday doing the lunchtime gig.

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